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Turn ideas into outcomes and reach goals faster with ViaVote for Business.

Match people with the right priorities

Active planning helps employees understand how their respective roles map to overall company objectives.

By engaging your entire workforce in strategic planning, all are able to participate in identifying opportunities for collaboration without starting redundant or divergent efforts.

With full participation up front, alternatives are vetted quickly and potentially combined for greater efficacy.

Select projects with the greatest impact

Give each of your employees a say in how they can most effectively invest their time and talents.

ViaVote's suite of cloud- and/or intranet-hosted tools allow for dialogue between groups in a moderated, results-based environment.

By bringing (and keeping) everyone on the same page, each individual is free to focus on their own path to professional growth.

Use flexible planning (and staffing) for concrete results

Even the best plans go nowhere without a great team.

ViaVote helps managers optimize resources between company divisions with a clear understanding of who is responsible for what.

Once a project has been approved, anyone in the organization can track progress and provide new information without a single email or conference call.

Measure results against global benchmarks and your own

By aligning each project with specific company goals, teams eliminate guesswork and can communicate updates or request feedback through every stage of development.

When an initiative is completed, its impact on performance can be measured against group-specific or even industry-wide metrics.

With ViaVote, companies can harness their accrued organizational learning to make decisions that are more fully informed, involved, and integrated with stategic objectives.

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