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Privacy-first phones and laptops
Although many are now aware that mobile phones and apps raise serious privacy concerns, the scale of the problem is still greater than usually realized.

We are a new organization dedicated to developing next-generation smart phones and devices that put your privacy first -- not through mere promises but with transparent, open-source software that can be freely verified or customized by all.

In our initial phase, we are looking to partner with SMBs to perfect interoperability and user interface before further expansion. To express your interest, please click the volunteer button below. Thank you.
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Leading coffee house chain 
Bike-thru lanes
Our drive-thru customers don't need to park for service. Why should our cyclists?

We welcome your thoughts on how we can better provide a safe and convenient experience when you're on the go.
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Community foundation 
Free community tools/skills marketplace
Programs like Little Free Library and Freecycle are great for transferring items from one owner to another when they're done with them, but what about a place to borrow specialized, infrequently-used tools (e.g. Torx screwdrivers, brake spring retainers, etc.) or get help with "micro-jobs" (e.g. holding boards in place during setup)? Is there an app for that?
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Renter insurance provider 
An alternative to security deposits for renters
If a deposit is the only thing keeping you from moving into new housing, we can help. Security deposit insurance replaces the need to pay a cash deposit. To find out more, please get in touch by clicking the green button below. Thanks and happy hunting!
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Installment finance company 
"Try now, return later"
On a major purchase, what would be most important to you:
* APR (low interest rate)
* Repayment flexibility (e.g. skip a month or two as needed)
* Return policy (e.g. no questions asked)

To find out more about some of the financing options we offer and merchants we work with, please leave us a private comment. Thank you!
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