It's time to change the Super Bowl to Saturday:

1. Late kickoffs on a school night? Not happening.
2. Most playoff games are already on Saturdays.
3. No lost productivity on Monday.

Who's with us?
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We’re always looking for people eager to positively impact a child's life and improve their community at the same time. Big Brothers are in especially high demand.

To find out more, please visit:
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Recently, Ryanair quietly introduced a €55 charge if a seat is not selected during booking. However, they also removed the ability to complete this process on one's own at the airport *and* continue to apply the charge even if the passenger goes on to complete this process themselves.

No one expects Lobster Thermidor at Ryanair prices, but gouging customers simply because they don't have a smartphone or because your own systems are down is bad business. Please either bring back self-service check-in or do away with this particularly dubious surcharge that is unavoidable for many.
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In March 2021, McDonald's responded to requests for gluten-free buns saying they "have no plans" to offer them:

Millions of people around the world are either celiac or have adopted a gluten-free lifestyle. By offering (or even piloting) specifically gluten-free items, McDonald's can cater to and win the loyalty of this growing market segment while demonstrating leadership in the industry.
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Electronic transcripts have saved a lot of processing time vs. printed ones. However, acceptance is not universal and they become out of date after each semester for current students.

In the wake of COVID digital certificates, would the University also be able to offer students a way to share time-limited QR codes that point to their verified transcript on an website?
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