Better alignment. Better results.

Align goals and OKRs in real time with ViaVote.

See every part of the picture

Aligned innovation helps (re)unite companies around changing customer, partner, and employee priorities.

With ViaVote, companies replace silos and red tape with an open collaboration platform to meet shared objectives.
Goal-based initiatives can be public or limited to verified members of your organization.
Check alignment between strategy and tactics to discover outliers and possible oversights.

Remove bottlenecks and unlock new opportunities

ViaVote’s riVVer methodology allows teams to rapidly assess and incorporate new information into relevant projects.

Through experiential and predictive learning, riVVer also helps management identify areas of potential underinvestment across the organization.

Continuous learning for continuous improvement

When operations are aligned, every member of the organization can maximize their own personal contribution.

By uniting present operations with long-term business goals, ViaVote helps companies maintain a robust feedback loop for both present and future decision-making.
Even unsuccessful initiatives help further organizational learning and development.

(Re)unite your company today.

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