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(Re)uniting companies around changing priorities is hard, but aligned innovation can make it easier.

With ViaVote, companies replace silos and red tape with an open collaboration platform to meet important objectives at full strength.
Goal-based initiatives can be public or restricted to verified insiders.
riVVer helps companies confirm alignment between strategy and tactics while discovering possible outliers and/or oversights.

Remove bottlenecks and uncover new opportunities

ViaVote’s riVVer methodology allows teams to rapidly assess and incorporate new information into relevant projects.

Through experiential and predictive learning, riVVer also helps management identify potential areas of misalignment or underinvestment.

Continuous learning for continuous improvement

When company operations are aligned, each individual is able to recognize and maximize their own contribution.

By uniting current projects with long-term goals, a robust feedback loop is created that can both track recent progress and inform future decision-making.
Regardless of outcome, every initiative furthers organizational learning and development.
(Re)unite your company today.
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