Outliers are in.

Define and align your organizational priorities via vote:

Lead with leading indicators

ViaVote offers a platform for active planning to uncover areas of potential underinvestment.

Equipped with the most recent information available, companies weigh new opportunities quickly with each individual able to make their own contribution.

Periodic surveys don't always provide current data or actionable information.

Build consensus faster

When everyone is on the same page, organizations break down silos and connect efforts across departments.

ViaVote's target-based approach to strategic planning removes bottlenecks and builds trust between teams, improving collaboration and alignment.

With ViaVote, the traditional "hub-and-spoke" feedback model is augmented by a "rounded wheel", improving collaboration while retaining central oversight.

Measure what matters

Move beyond the "virtual water cooler" and turn disparate conversations into clearly-defined projects.

With ViaVote, each priority can be easily followed (and followed up on) while measuring the relative impact of new outcomes.

ViaVote offers a straightforward way to compare and prioritize initiatives that help reach common goals.

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