Alignment, action, and accountability

Focus and execute on your company's greatest opportunities.

Lead with leading indicators

Surveys aren't solutions: Designed to track specific metrics at certain times, they can only reveal what their scope and intervals permit.

ViaVote uses Active Feedback to continuously uncover new data, allowing teams to identify present trends while providing a means for faster and more effective response.

Periodic surveys don't always provide current data or actionable information.

See the whole picture

Break down silos and connect efforts across departments with a common platform.

ViaVote's area-based insights yield new perspectives that help teams remove bottlenecks and build trust.

With ViaVote, the traditional "hub-and-spoke" feedback model is augmented by a "round wheel", improving collaboration while retaining central moderation.

Track the metrics that matter

Choose and take action on your highest priorities through individual and group contributions.

With ViaVote, colleagues can chart each initiative from start to finish and measure impact on KPIs.

Prioritize initiatives based on their relative importance and urgency across all relevant benchmarks.